Fine Jewelry - Hanalei Kauai 

Bead Charms

Since the introduction of the bead style charm bracelets into the market, Pandora, Chamilia, Troll, Zable and more, we've often been asked if we carry any of those charms.  We don't, for a few reasons, but foremost because we didn't want to carry a bead that was made somewhere else to represent Hawaii.

Artistica beads are made here in the islands by a family company on Oahu that has been in the business for over three decades.  Made from platinum glazed silver, an electroplated process where the design is placed in a platinum bath, coating the silver resulting in a layer of platinum on each design.  This process results in a more bright and shiny piece which will last for the life of the bead.

These beads will fit most of the charm bracelets currently on the market, if you have any questions regarding yours please email or phone us at 877-826-0020. 

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