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Nalukai Jewelry

In Hawaiian, the word Nalukai can be translated as “a wise soul who has weathered life’s storms.” The designer of this collection, Tricia McCarthy, was inspired by her sister-in-law Laura's victory over a two-time battle with breast cancer.  Laura chose "Believe" as her personal mantra.  This led to the collection of Nalukai, combining the beauty of the Hawaiian language with English, a line of jewelry focusing on a selection of words that have meaning for many.  "Believe" or "Hilina'i" remains a favorite of many of our customers.

Each piece in the Nalukai Collection is hand-crafted – no two pieces will ever be identical, just as no two people are – allowing each person to reflect their individual journey and tell their own story in a word.

We are closing out our remaining inventory of Nalukai pendants, limited to inventory on hand.


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