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Mark Kane Designs

Jewel of Paradise is pleased to feature the artistry of Mark Kane Designs.  Born and raised in the 50th state with over thirty years in Hawaii's jewelry industry, Mark's designs are greatly inspired by the simple splendor of this tropical paradise.   With a passion for pearls, Mark uses this medium for his original designs.  Every pearl is unique to itself and no two are exactly alike. Mark selects only the finest quality cultured Black Tahitian Pearls from Tahiti, Golden and White South Sea Pearls from Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Only pearls with beautiful luster and color are selected.  All pearls are guaranteed to be of natural color, not dyed or color enhanced.  All stones are genuine or diamonds.  The shimmering quality of 14k gold or rhodium plated sterling silver is used in his handcrafted mountings to enhance these beautiful gems.  As a gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself, you can be assured of the finest quality and workmanship in these timeless treasures. 

Hand Crafted in Hawaii and made with love and Aloha. 

When selecting a cultured pearl there are a five quality factors to consider:

  • First and foremost is luster, the beautiful reflective quality of the pearl.  A pearl with very good luster is more valuable than one with a duller luster.
  • Round pearls are less common than others, prices are normally higher for these.  Off round, drop, baroque and circled pearls are also options and are beautiful in settings that take advantage of their unique shapes.
  • Cultured pearls are organic gems, surface imperfections are not uncommon but are often hid by the design.  Perles de Tahiti in their guide to quality, specifies one visible flaw or a few slight imperfections at the most, distributed over less than 10% of the surface for their highest grade.
  • Pearls are measured in millimeters, using a micrometer, at their diameter.  An average sized cultured Tahitian pearl is about 9.5mm, prices are likely to increase for pearls over 10mm.
  • The color should be consistent over the surface of the pearl.  Color choice is wonderfully up to each customer.  Jewelry is intended to be noticed and the advantage with the colors available in Tahitian and South Sea pearls is their ability to complement the individual wearer.  Each pearl will look different on different people, depending on their skin tone, hair and eye colors.  We would be happy to suggest colors, taking into account these factors and the clothing colors worn most often. 



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