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Pendant or Necklace?

Posted on January 24, 2020 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings) | 0 comments

You'll see as you look through our website that most pendants are sold without chains.  The reason is simple, not everyone needs a chain or perhaps they don't want the style or length that we display our pendants on.  But exactly what is a pendant versus a necklace?  To borrow the online definition from Merriam-Webster:

Definition of pendant

1: something suspended: such as
a: an ornament (as on a necklace) allowed to hang free, for example "A turquoise pendant hung on her necklace"
So what we're referring to as a pendant is the piece that hangs from the chain, two separate pieces, the pendant and the chain.

Definition of necklace

 1: an ornament worn around the neck 

A necklace is worn around the neck (such as a chain), as opposed to a pendant which is suspended, often from a chain.  We also carry necklaces, typically called that because it's one piece, the chain is connected to the "ornament".  The beautiful designs by Liven Co. are examples of a necklace.
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